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Miracle in Pennsylvania

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This is an amazing story. Here's what the original poster has to say::

Hello I am Tyler Cramer I am 16 years old and I am from Pennsylvania and could you please take the time to read this it is very importian to me my step dad Richard price just fought off cancer for the 2 time in 3 years. Saturday November 11 1012 he shot the biggest buck of his life. He was hunting at a stand at our farm in Monroe county at 715 a doe in heat came out and stood there. Just like its suppose to work a huge monster buck cam right after her the buck was 30 away and he shot it with his Parker crossbow and he knew it was big but he didn't know how big he went an found it and was In shock this was the biggest buck he has ever seen or shot in his life. The buck weighed in at 170 dressed it had 8 points 4 on each side all most a perfect match we scored the buck at 130 can you please share my story to show people there are things In life worth fighting for he has the biggest buck of his life and he also has his life for it thank you


Tom Acre

Tom Acre

Keep fighting Richard. You have a boy that needs you by his side and very proud to have you there.
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