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I bought this bow in 2011 and I LOVE IT. I have added and swapped different things but the one thing I haven't had to do it silence it. It's strong and extremely light so I have no issues carrying it from stand to stand. The compact size makes it easy as ever to spin for cross side shots as well as hanging half out of the stand leaning on my harness. I know there are many bows some better than others but in my opinion this is my favorite. The 80% let-off with the Accu-trak that is on my model allows me to hold for long periods of time while waiting on the line needed for the perfect shot placement. The only issue I noticed was with the STS on the bow it had a sensitive pad that actually ripped and fell of after about a month of shooting. With a simple swap for a decelerator from sportsmans warehouse I was back on the range and noticed a quieter release when the shot was fired.


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