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2007 8 pointer

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This buck came from a spot we call 8 point ridge. Seems that the ridge is loaded with 8 pointers. This was the second one I took off this ridge in a row. This time my buddy had been seeing this deer for 3 days work a scrape in the same spot at the same time but could never catch him for a shot before it would sppok. So with his permission I went in and setup in a tree 10 yards from the scrape and waited. 10 mins after the normal time he always would see the buck at the scrape he showed up and walked under my stand towards the scrape. He offered a 10 yard shot and I put an arrow in him and found him piled up about 100 yards down the mountain. Not the biggest buck but I have never been about the horns.


Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

trophy in my books!
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