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Thanksgiving Pheasant

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From the left: Dad, Sister (Samantha) Me, friend, and another friend (Moochie). I love thanksgiving hunts!


Mike Molinaro

Mike Molinaro

nice birds! great pic. you might want to get a new vest for your sister, to the best of my knowledge blaze camo doesn't count for the of blaze. just don't wanna see a good hunter get in trouble with the warden over something stupid
Charles Alexander

Charles Alexander

I hear ya, and appreciate the tip! Hunting isn't her thing anymore. She has always said she wants to do it but has other priorities. This was my old vest that I used to wear over my fully blaze orange coveralls when I was 12-14! haha! This was on a private club as well, I am a pretty big advocate of wearing a lot of blaze.
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