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(A301) Boot Knife

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Acuta Boot Knife
New Acuta Boot Knife
Kydex Sheath - Available sheath colors Black and Digital-Camo

Overall Length - 7-1/2
Length - 3 1/8 inches
Wide - 7/8 inches
Thickness - 13/100 inches

Custom made to order with a variety of G10 colored handles. You can choose two colors. We will contact you after you order to confirm your color choices

G10 Handle

G10 & Micarta have a near zero water absorption factor. This makes them an excellent choice for knife that will be used in and around water, such as fish fillet knives. You'll never have to worry about ruining your knife handle because you put it away wet.

Available G10 Colors

Black, Royal Blue, Coyote Brown, Earth Brown, Gray, Forest Green, Jade Green, Olive Drab, Toxic Green, Hunter Orange, Pink, Ruby Red, Silver Twill, Desert Tan, White, Yellow


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