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My next scope?

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I'm sure liking this Leupold.


Hunt Man

Hunt Man

I've got this VX 2 on a browning .300 SM. I don't know if there have been any upgrades since I got mine about 8 years ago but it's been a great scope. It picks up early morning and late evening light well. I've liked glassing with it more than my binoculars. So much so that I think I messed up my eye site from it. When I would finish hunting and drive back down the road from where I was hunting, I would have to keep one eye closed because the other refused to focus at all. Sometimes I'd look through the scope with my other eye attempting to balance them out. It worked a little. After one season of not taking a hint and doing this, I think it caused some bad damage because I had to get glasses for the first time in my life and had them for about 5 years until earlier this year when I got Lasik. Now I'm good to go but won't spend too much time glassing with just one eye. Anyway, I really like this scope.
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