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2011 Double time

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Got lucky on this one. We were at camp and heard a gobbler going off and it sounded almost non-stop. We decided to try and track them down. Grabbing our gear and heading quickly out to a place we call the old oak. Made a few calls and within a few minutes they were coming up the logging road. My buddy had not shot one yet this year so he shot as they hit 20 yards and dumped one. The second gobbler took off as we ran towards the first one that was down. To our surprise the second one came back. My buddy gave me his gun and I shot knocking him down. Ran towards him and he gets up and starts running. Well to make a long story short a chase that ended up 150 yards through the woods with me standing on the birds head in a pair of socks as my boots were pulled off in the mud swamp trying to tackle this bird. All in a days hunt:)


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