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Hunting Feral Hogs in Tennessee

Tennessee has removed the Wild Hog as a game animal in Tennessee and has reclassified it as a nuisance animal that is in need of controlling. Loosely speaking, if you are a land owner, family of a land owner or a legal land tenant, you are able to harvest wild and feral hogs by virtually any means, any time of the year, and in unlimited quantities. You may not be a guest on the property and be able to hunt the hogs unless you are indicated on a legal document prepared by the property owner and filed with the State. More or less, the property owner is allowed to file a list of ten (10) people that may, for one year, share in the same privileges as the property owner in hunting the hogs.

This is supposed to prevent the commercialization of hog hunting and deter hunting operations from "importing" hogs across the state line which are believed to add to the problem.

I used to guide hog hunts back in the 1980's and can tell you that it is great fun hunting these animals. Everyone loves bacon and ham! It got to the point that I began seeing them as evil animals. They were mean, aggressive, destructive, omnivorous, and very intelligent. My .44 magnum Ruger Super Red Hawk was my protection and more than once I pulled it out anticipating an attack.

So, this all has purpose...How do I get to hunt hogs again in Tennessee? This is fairly simple. Most land owners haven't filed their documents that entitle guests to hunt hogs. I have gathered a list of names, including myself, and am contacting the local farmers cooperatives. The people at the Co-op's know who has hog problems and usually will give them your information to help out the land owner. My phone has chimed a few times with someone needing help.

Another strategy that is a little more on point. I have contacted a number of insurance companies who insure farmers, their land, and their agricultural products. These agencies have to pay the claims for the damage caused by the hogs. I simply offered, as a mitigation method, to go on the behalf of the insurance company and assist the land owner in "reducing" the number of hogs doing damage to the property. You would be surprised how well that was received on a local and regional level!

There is not yet a bounty placed on hogs in Tennessee but I do believe it is coming and I think the insurance carriers may even be willing to provide you assistance if you're helping them save money.

I'm about to start building my "Hog Gun" because I believe we're about to have a great fall hog hunting "season."

Give it a shot in your areas. Contact your local agricultural product providers and see if they can identify who needs help. Also contact your local agricultural insurance provider and make them the offer to help. All they can do is say no, but then again, why would they?


Damiel Simmons

Damiel Simmons

Where can I go to sign up for helping reduce some hogs anywhere near Chattanooga area I'd love to
John Jackson

John Jackson

contact your local TWRA office or your local farm insurance office. I'm sure they'll both know who needs the help.
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