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Get involved!

Every state in the Union has organizations that are instrumental in being advocates for wildlife and for hunters/outdoorsmen. Tennessee has numerous but the most established is the Tennessee Wildlife Federation. I have had the privilege of being on the Board of Directors for this organization for several years and am constantly amazed at the work that needs to be done to preserve our rights and privileges in the outdoors. We conduct mitigation programs, youth education programs, Hunters for the Hungry, the Scholastic Clay Target Program and a variety of other targeted activities.
Check out the website and when you can, pay special attention to the "Camouflage and Casting Coalition" link. That is a group of people from across the outdoor spectrum that get involved in legislation and policy making and make sure we can continue to enjoy our outdoors experiences. Let me know what you think or if you want to get involved in your state. We'll do what we can to help you locate the right people.


Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers

You're an amazing guy John. Hat's off to you.
John Jackson

John Jackson

Thank you but I'm just an ordinary guy working hard to make a positive impact so my kids can enjoy the privileges I grew up with.
Tom Bennett

Tom Bennett

What have you got for NY
John Jackson

John Jackson

Tom, the first agency I'd contact in NY would be the National Wildlife Federation at They have a listing on their website of all of their affiliate organizations. You can also look to the Environmental Advocates of New York at Ordinarily it is safe to say that what is good for the environment is good for wildlife. Your largest group of environmentalists and conservationists are in fact, outdoorsmen and hunters. You can also access the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation which is active in NY at Finally don't forget to access your local New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at
One caveat that I will put in here that everyone needs to be aware of. While environmental and conservation organizations are all striving generally for the same goal of "cleaner and more abundant," they are not always in line with hunting, fishing, etc. PETA is a prime example. If you find yourself amid the anti hunting groups who are however in favor of conservation, remember, they are serving our purposes as well. They may not approve of game harvest but if they are helping to improve habitat and wildlife longevity, I don't get in their way. I will openly oppose anti-hunting and fishing efforts but will applaud their conservation. Be nice in dealing with them until the situation dictates not to be (ala Patrick Swayze in "Road House")
Todd Copenhaver

Todd Copenhaver

what about va
John Jackson

John Jackson

Just as I said with the responses above, I would first go to the National Wildlife Federation and see who they have for your state on their list of affiliate organizations at They have a large office in Reston, Virginia. Next I would look to your Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries at

Tread lightly in Virginia. While VA is a great hunting and fishing state and has a great presence of hunting and fishing advocacy groups, it also has just as many who would like to see the sports severely curtailed. I won't name them as I'm sure I'd get a call from an attorney. Just be mindful of those you engage outside of those I just mentioned.

You do have the Audubon Society active in Virginia, especially in environmental and birding issues. I am sure they would be pleased to provide you with whatever you need but I wouldn't go into great detail discussing "hunting issues" with them. Address them as a conservation minded citizen and they should be welcoming.

Remember Everyone... Conservation doesn't mean anti-hunting. Conservation means preservation of resources and improvement of existing resources. It is absolutely possible to hunt and fish and be conservationist through and through. It is reasonable to assume that most hunters and fishermen are in fact strict conservationists.
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